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Kathy T Brown

Hello.  I'm Kathy Brown.  I was born in Brownsville, KY but  I call Mt. Washington home.  I was in the insurance industry for over 45 years and now retired from that part of my life.  I have always liked drawing, and then after I had to put my mother in a nursing home after living with me and taking care of her for about 3 years, I started painting.  The strokes just seem to come so easy.  I would think of something and then I would paint it.  I see something I like, and I paint it.  I never knew that I had the ability to put colors together and make something that someone would enjoy looking at.  So for all you that enjoy looking at my art, thank you.
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Read our Reviews
My wife Janie bought a wonderful piece from Serenity Now on opening day!!
Thank you Nicholas and Kathy for offering such high caliber artwork to the public!!
 — with 
Nicholas Sea.- Christine L.